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This is a short guide to get started on running TriloTracker using emulation.

openMSX installation and setup

This guide will only describe the installation and configuration on a windows operating system.

Download the latest (install) version of the openMSX emulator on the openMSX website: (


Once downloaded execute the installer. Make sure you install the 'Core Emulator' and 'Catapult'. If you like to create videos you can also install the "Video Codec".


Once the installation is done we still need the MSX system ROM's to be able to run the emulator.

Most MSX system roms can be found on the blueMSX (this is another MSX emulator) website (http:\\

Choose the Panasonic "FS-A1GT" package. Download the file and extract the ROMs into the openMSX system ROM folder (C:\Program Files\openMSX\share\systemroms).

Now start the Catapult UI (from the start menu). On the first run catapult will test the available system ROMs. The Panasonic FS-A1GT ROMs will be recognized an stored it is dedicated folder.

Now you are almost ready to start using TriloTracker. In the Catapult UI select the Panasonic 'FS-A1GT' and 'SCC' extension. Select the disk image of TT using the disk button.

Press 'start' and the emulator will start the MSX emulation.

At default the you will end up on the MSX-DOS prompt. Type 'TT' to start the tracker software.