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Work on TriloTracker was started around mid 2011. The goal was to write a music tracker that would support both the PSG (AY3-8910) and SCC (Konami's Sound Custom Chip) for our own projects.

After some experiments it was decided to move the tracker to dedicated MSX hardware (or MSX emulation) as sound emulation didn't work out very well.

TriloTracker is strongly influenced by Vortex Tracker II which is probably the best tracker available for creating PSG music for the MSX. To be able to convert quickly from Vortex Tracker II to TriloTracker we adopted many features (like the instrument macros). Other influences come from FastTracker 2. The effects, order list, instrument list and pattern lay-out show similarities.

Later, during development, an FM version of the tracker was created. This version is only a hacked version of the origininal tracker for PSG and SCC. This version is not fully developed and still has SCC references and has some unintuitive user interfaces.

TriloTracker would not be what it is today without the help of the following people:

  • ARTRAG (SCC routines, teaching me to code)
  • John Hassink (Design, Testing)
  • Inverse Phase (Design, Testing)
  • Gryzor87 (Design, Testing)

Regards, Huey